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Sidel Flexible SL90 F85 64T/SM + Cold Glue 8/8/130 S3/E3 Labelling Machine

Nelson, UK

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Sidel Flexible SL90 F85 64T/SM + Cold Glue 8/8/130 S3/E3

Equipped with 3 (three) cold glue modules, to apply:

• one front body label
• one back body label
• one neck label

on round glass bottles.

Bottle min/max height: 150 / 350 mm
Bottle min/max diameter: 50 / 100mm

Label min/max height: 20 / 120 mm
Label min/max length: 20 / 130 mm

Max. Machine over-speed: up to72,000 BPH on Cold Glue

Max over-speed with orientation: 72,000 BPH (subject to evaluation of bottle samples)

Max over-speed with PSL application: 66,000 BPH (subject to label validation by our Engineering Dept)

The above technical specifications are based on the bottle specification reported in the original enquiry and they will be validated after bottle/ label drawings or samples evaluation.

For further details and additional photographs contact:
John Moore
Tel: + 44 (0) 777 151 5834
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