AVE Rotary Liquid Filling - Capping Line from Uncaser through Labeler - Line 3
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AVE Rotary Liquid Filling - Capping Line from Uncaser through Labeler - Line 3

• Manufactured by Hartness International
• Model: Octopick 3200
• Serial #: 32-033
• 8 head rotary uncaser
• Unit is installed and running 200ml and 375ml glass flasks
• Clockwise rotation - lefthand reverse discharge
• Currently running 200ml glass flasks 48 and 24 pack and 375ml glass flasks 24 pack
• Safety guarded with interlocked doors
• Electrics: 480volt, 60hz, 3ph, 14 amp
• Allen Bradley SLC 5/05 PLC controlled
• Includes large dual lane discharge conveyor with 180 degree turn used to direct bottles to the Rinser - Filler

X-ray inspection system
• Hueft Spectrum TX X-ray inspection on empty case discharge
• Used to detect any bottles left in cases that might have been missed by the uncaser
• Good - empty cases are allowed to pass to the case elevator (case elevator - spiral is not included)
• Bad - cases with any bottles in them are rejected on to a reject conveyor

Rinser - Filler Capper UniBlock

• Manufactured by Ave Technologies SRL
• Model: Uniblock 60/60/20
• Serial #: 2226/5
• Year of manufacture: 2002
• 60 head rotary rinser, 60 head rotary filler and 20 head Zalkin capper
• Currently running 200ml and 375ml glass flasks
• Currently running at approx. 380 - 400 bottles per minute
• Product being run is liquor / spirits
• The rinse cycle is using spirits in order to maintain the product 'proof'
• Rinser has a separate pump system with filter to recirculate product back to the rinser
• Filler has 60 heads
• Uses a vacum style filling system and vacuum pump that creates a depression inside the container.
• Filling is carried out after the depression phase.
• Once the pre-set level is achieved, the product in excess is returned to a recovery tank where it can be sent on to the process system if required.
• The filling tank is completely manufactured in AISI316, as well as all the parts in contact with the product.
• Has 14mm fill valves installed
• Capper was manufactured by Zalkin
• Running 30 x 44mm ROPP crimp caps - sleeves on glass bottles
• Capper Serial #: 5672
• Order #: 2226
• Left to right driection of travel
• Maximum output 36,000 bottles per hour (600 per minute)
• Sealing head type: 104TCF - 4 arm - 2 thread rollers
• Centrifugal style cap sorter
• Cap elevator is included
• Allen Bradley SLC 5/05 PLC controlled with a PanelView plus 1000 operator interface
• Hueft Fill level detector and cap detection on discharge (no conveyor is included - only detector is avail.)
• Hueft Model: Basic-BA R20

Rotary Labeler

• Manufactured by Krones
• Model: Topmatic
• Serial #: 71-783
• Year of manufacture: 1997
• Stainless steel construction
• Front and back labeler
• 45 bottle plates
• Has two APF label heads for pressure sensitive labels
• Unit was orig. configured as a cold glue labeler and has the pressure sensitive heads installed in 2008
• The two cold glue label heads are also included
• No bottle spotting on infeed since orientation was done by a seperate machine prior to rinser - filler
• Allen Bradley PLC controlled with a PanelView 900 operator interface
• Dual lane divider - slat divider on labeler diacharge

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Manufacturer: Various

Serial Number: Various

Capacity Speed: 380 BPM

Product Sizing: 200ml and 375ml flasks

Products Run: Liquor - Spirits

Estimated Shipping Weight: 0 LBS

Length: 0 IN

Width: 0 IN

Height: 0 IN

Voltage: 480 VOLTS

Frequency: 60 HERTZ

Phase: 3

Recommended Packaging Form: CUSTOM

AVE Rotary Liquid Filling - Capping Line from Uncaser through Labeler - Line 3

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